Chelsey Richard Napoleon Endorsed by Women on the Move

July 24, 2018
Chelsey Richard Napoleon Endorsed by Women on the Move

New Orleans, LA  – Chelsey Richard Napoleon, Clerk of Civil District Court, has received her first endorsement from Women on the Move.

Chelsey has been serving as Clerk of Civil District Court since April of this year. 

Women on the Move began over 30 years ago as a political action committee and civic organization dedicated to addressing quality of life issues and putting the community first.

Roberta Brown, president of Women on the Move, said “Chelsey Richard Napoleon has demonstrated that she is educated and experienced and is the best candidate to  continue to serve us as our Clerk of Civil District Court.  It is important that we keep Chelsey a public servant, who has done a great job in the Clerk’s Office for our community for over 16 years.”

Recognizing the value that legal training brings to the Clerk’s Office, Chelsey attended Loyola University of New Orleans, College of Law. She attended classes at night while working full-time at the Clerk’s Office during the day and raising a family. She received her Juris Doctorate in May 2008.

Throughout her tenure in the Clerk’s Office, Chelsey has had a variety of responsibilities in service to the public. She has been responsible for supervising an average of 175 employees. She has monitored the daily operations including staffing, system functionality, finance, human resources, payroll and expense control. She has also made presentations and has conducted public trainings on behalf of the Clerk’s Office.

Chelsey belongs to a wide range of professional and civic organizations in the city including the Independent Women’s Organization and the League of Women Voters.  She is also an Emerge Louisiana Boot Camp Alumni.

Early Voting is October 23-30, 2018.

Election Day is November 6, 2018.